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OneKey Classic | The most classic hardware wallet for on-the-go

OneKey Classic | The most classic hardware wallet for on-the-go

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Product Description

  1. Thin and Ultralight

The thinnest part is 3mm thick and weighs only 20.5g.
Light enough to fit in a shirt pocket.
  1. Equipped with Bluetooth

Equipped with high-performance Bluetooth. Instantly connect to your device.
You can use the application smoothly.
  1. Equipped with mobile battery

A slim and powerful battery is installed in a thin and lightweight body.
A Type-C cable with the OneKey logo is also included.
  1. Highest level of security measures

It has a dual chip (security chip + MCU).
Since the recovery seed phrase and private key are created in the security chip, there is no contact with the external network environment.
This protects your assets from dangers such as hacking and fraudulent transactions.
  1. Compatible with various devices

Compatible with major terminals and OS such as iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, Linux, ChromeOS.
You can use it regardless of your smartphone or computer.
  1. Compatible with multi-chain

Supports chains including ETH, BSC, Polygon, Avalanche, and Airbitrum chains.
More than 1000 types of tokens can be registered.
List of compatible tokens:

Product spec

Body size: 86 × 52 × 5.2 (mm)
Weight: 20.5g
Connector: USB Type-C
Certifications and standards: CE, RoHS and CSPRNG NIST SP 800-90A/B/C random number generator
Chip: ATECC608A
Display: Monochrome display
Resolution: 128 x 64
Battery: 110mAh
Radio: Bluetooth
Material: plastic
Compatibility: Windows 10+,macOS 10.8+,ChromeOS,Linux (Ubuntu 12.04+, Fedora 21+, Debian 8)
Included items: hardware wallet, USB Type-C cable, recovery sheets (3 sheets), stickers



OneKey Online Chat Support Contact

Zendesk: Help on the bottom right side of the official site

Product warranty

We offer a free replacement service for spontaneous failures within one year from the date of order.
Please contact us from the support window above.

Manufacturer OneKey

We will be the only hardware wallet team invested in Coibase, a US listed exchange.
Currently, it has over 1 million users in 120 countries and regions around the world. A hardware wallet that integrates industry-leading technology with the support of a professional team.
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